Nordost Evening

Nordost Evening.

He managed to do it again. Bjorn Bengtsson from Nordost was able to WOW everyone who managed to travel to Acoustic Images and participate in our Nordost Evening. Nordost have launched their new range of speaker cables and interconnects-the Leif series. Bjorn took us through from the entry level White Lightning and progressed to the Purple Flare, the Blue Heaven and finally the Red Dawn. Each time the cable went up a grade, the sound improved markedly.  He even managed to convert some “non believers” that cables Really do make a difference.

After some refreshments and a tasty supper provided by my wonderful wife, Bjorn showed us the difference the new Power cables and power conditioners made to a hi fi or home cinema system. In some cases, the improvements made were even greater than the differences made by the interconnects.

It was a real eye opening evening and one enjoyed by all. I would like to thank Bjorn and Warren for their time and expertise and for making themselves available for our customers.

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