Chord Carnival Classic speaker cable
Brand: Chord Company
RRP: $8 p/m
Chord Carnival Classic speaker cable

CONDUCTORS: 2 x 15 AWG multi-stranded oxygen free copper.

CONFIGURATION: Twisted pair configuration.

CONDUCTOR INSULATION: Polyethylene (zero halogen). Red is positive, white is negative.


APPLICATIONS: High end installation cable. Hi-fi and home cinema systems.

Chord Carnival Classic is an extremely compatible, do-it-all speaker cable that will work well with almost any level of hi-fi or home cinema system.  Designed with performance in mind, Carnival Classic uses 1.8 mm diameter multi-strand, oxygen free copper conductors, arranged (like many Chord speaker cables) in a twisted pair configuration. 

The larger diameter conductors lower resistance and the cable will perform well over long runs.  The conductors are insulated with low density polyethylene insulation and covered with a white PVC outer jacket.  Although only slightly larger than Leyline, Carnival Classic will help a system to produce a more dynamic, coherent and involving performance, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to get the best from a combined hi-fi and home cinema set up. 

Carnival Classic can also be used with Chord Leyline, Classic being used to supply signal to the front three speakers and the more discreet Leyline connected to the rear speakers.  This combination will really help a system that is used for both music and film to produce a properly involving performance.

Use it with:

Chord CrimsonPlus, Chord CobraPlus