Chord CobraPlus
Brand: Chord Company
RRP: $130

Chord CobraPlus

CONDUCTORS: Pseudo-balanced 22 AWG multi-stranded oxygen free copper conductors. Matched signal and return conductors improve sound quality

CONFIGURATION: Signal and return conductors arranged in noise cancelling twisted pair configuration

CONDUCTOR INSULATION: Low density polyethylene with vibration damping cotton conductor spacers

SHIELDING: Dual layer; high density braid oxygen free copper shield and overlapped foil shield

JACKET: Conductors encased in soft PVC to reduce mechanical noise, protective outer layer


TERMINATIONS: Fitted with new Chord VEE Plugs. A high performance RCA (phono) plug with vibration eliminating ABS enclosure. Teflon® insulated gold-plated centre pin and low mass signal return surround. Non compression clamping system reduces potential signal corruption. Also available fitted with Din and XLR plugs. Custom terminations available



Cobra has been part of the Chord Company range for over twenty years and CobraPlus represents its fourth revision. Cobra 3 (the cable that CobraPlus replaces) has been one of The Chord Company's most popular cables, so the decision to revise this was not taken lightly.  However, during the development of Chord Company high end cables some fundamental lessons about shielding have were learned.  Applying these principles to the CobraPlus has produced an extraordinary increase in performance. 

The twisted pair configuration, pseudo balanced, oxygen free copper conductors used on Cobra 3 remain in place, as does the low-density polyethylene insulation. Mechanical damping however changes and four runs of twisted cotton now run alongside the conductors to help damp unwanted vibrations. The major changes take place at the point of applying the shielding. The density of the woven braid used on the Cobra 3 has been improved. This is then surrounded by a heavy gauge foil shield.  Although The Chord Company has used foil shields for many years, the improvements in performance to be gained by increasing the gauge of the foil are very impressive. When compared to the original Cobra 3, the new CobraPlus is capable of bringing a markedly more neutral and detailed sound to the system to which it is fitted. Dynamics (particularly micro-dynamics) are also easier to hear, so rhythms are more clearly stated and complex music is simpler to follow.

Use it with:The obvious choice of speaker cable for use with CobraPlus is our award winning Carnival SilverScreen. Both cables employ extremely effective high frequency shields and both use high quality oxygen free copper in combination with low density polyethylene insulation. The two cables used together can really lift the performance of any Hi Fi or home cinema system, improving detail levels, dynamics and helping to produce a really involving musical experience. 

At this point it would also be worth experimenting with mains cables. With CobraPlus and Carnival SilverScreen in place try introducing a Chord SuperScreen mains cable to the source component. The SuperScreen mains cable uses the same shielding as the Carnival SilverScreen speaker cable and can improve levels of detail and dynamics still further.


 The CobraPlus is available in 0.5 and 1 metre lengths.  Custom lengths are available to order.  We do not recommend the use of Din cables in lengths shorter than 1 metre for reasons of sound quality.