Chord CrimsonPlus
Brand: Chord Company
RRP: $80

Chord CrimsonPlus  

Multi-strand, oxygen free copper, signal/return conductors
Combination braid and foil shielding, Polyethylene insulation
Fitted with new Chord VEE Plugs, Available in RCA, Din and XLR configurations

Real performance has always started with the Chord Crimson. Our entry level interconnect, the Crimson, benefited hugely from the development work carried out during the design of the Chord Signature interconnect. In terms of configuration the cables are very similar. Both share separately insulated signal and return conductors and a floating shield arrangement. This configuration is part of the reason that the original Crimson performed so well. 

The latest CrimsonPlus cable builds on the original Crimson’s performance but takes detail levels and dynamics to a new level, stereo image is improved and CrimsonPlus has an extremely neutral tonal characteristic. 

During the development of the latest Chord Company high end cable, we learned important lessons about the application of heavy gauge foil shielding. This knowledge has been taken and applied to the new CrimsonPlus. 

The improvements are significant and whether the cable is used to link a hi-fi or home cinema, the results are remarkably consistent. The improved shielding also makes CrimsonPlus ideal for longer runs and the cable is particularly impressive when used with subwoofers.


Use it with: Chord Carnival SilverScreen, Carnival Classic and Leyline speaker cables, Chord SuperScreen mains cable