Chord Prodac Pro Digital
Brand: Chord Company
RRP: $180

Chord Prodac Pro Digital

CONDUCTORS: Solid core ultra-cast oxygen free copper signal conductor.

CONFIGURATION: 75 Ohm coaxial, central signal conductor with surrounding shield. Shield acts as signal return.

CONDUCTOR INSULATION: low dielectric value gas foamed polyethylene.

SHIELDING: Dual layer, high density woven braid and specially developed composite shield designed to be effective at high frequencies.

JACKET: Conductors encased in soft PVC to reduce mechanical noise, protective outer layer.

COLOUR: Black.

TERMINATIONS: Fitted with new Chord VEE Plugs. A high performance RCA (phono) plug with vibration eliminating ABS enclosure. Teflon® insulated gold-plated centre pin and low mass signal return surround. Non compression clamping system reduces potential signal corruption.  Also available fitted with high quality silver-plated BNC plugs.

A brilliant example of just how much a digital cable affects the tonal performance of a home cinema or hi-fi system.The innovative shielding system and the specially treated conductor means that the Chord Prodac Pro Digital brings a natural feel to voices, sound effects and music without sacrificing detail or dynamics.