Brand: Norstone
RRP: $999
Racks & Stands
RRP: $999.00  (Each)
Cinema is NorStone’s first piece of AV furniture made of bamboo plywood. Being one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, bamboo can be planted, harvested and renewed quicker than any of its wooden counterparts. NorStone chose to use this tree species as a sustainable option with a lower impact on the environment. The bamboo species we use allow strong and sturdy constructions, just like our NorStone Cinema, a stable and robust piece of furniture ready to house all your AV equipment.The top platform welcomes larger flat screens. Acoustic cloth in its central section allows to hide a center speaker and any power cable (gathered in the rear), while the electronics (AV amplifier players, consoles, etc.) are housed on the sides. You will not have to make a choice between quality and elegance.