BS 243
Brand: ELAC
RRP: $1999

BS 243: Performs like a large speaker

In order to make the musical imprint of this compact monitor as true to life as possible, special attention was given to the three-dimensional sound radiation pattern, so that the room is acoustically "energised" in a consistent and harmonised way.

The BS 243 is particularly well suited for positioning near a wall on a shelf or on a dedicated stand.

It is designed to work either in small or medium-sized living areas as a Hi-Fi stereo speaker or alternatively in large spaces as rear speakers in a surround-sound setup.
When the BS 243 is connected to a digital surround receiver the speaker option in the receiver's menu should be set to "LARGE". However, when very high volume is required it is better to set the option to "SMALL" and set the corresponding crossover frequency to a maximum of 50 ... 60 Hz.

(Specifications and design features are subject to change.)
Dimensions H x W x D
285 x 170 x 232 mm  
Weight 5.2 kg
Principle 2-ways, bass reflex
Bass Port
1 x 150 mm AS-XR cone
1 x 45 mm  
Tweeter 1 x JET III, (mag. shielded)
Recom. Amplifier Power
at Nominal Impedance
30-150 W / channel
Crossover Frequency 2,700 Hz
Sensitivity 87 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m
Nominal Impedance
suitable for amplifiers (from ... to)
4 Ω
4 ... 8 Ω
Minimum Impedance 3.6 Ω at 240 Hz
Frequency Range
acc. to IEC 268-5
41 ... 50,000 Hz
Nominal / Peak Power Handling 60 / 80 W