Brand: Martin Logan
RRP: $2995 ea.


At best, typical in-wall speakers are boring (and often they’re much worse

than that). So we designed the Voyage to be a sort of “anti-in-wall,” the

antithesis of ordinary. Advanced Thin Film drivers, low-distortion aluminumcone

woofers, and a sophisticated Vojtko™ crossover ensure that every

nuance of the audio signal is preserved. The speaker’s graceful, elegant

lines create a sense of architectural integration.

The world's most sophisticated and elegant architectural loudspeaker, Voyage sounds so clean and dynamic, you'd think it were a superb standalone design.  A rigid aluminum chassis and die-cast mounting locks enhance performance and ease of installation, while an adjustable tweeter-alignment sphere, paintable end caps, and a selection of grille colors provide incredible adaptability.

Home theater front/center/surround

and stereo in-wall loudspeaker for

large rooms.

The world’s most sophisticated and

elegant architectural loudspeaker,

Voyage, sounds so clean and dynamic

you’d think it was a superb

floor standing design.

Key Features:

• Tweeter aims at listening position

• High-resolution ATF™ tweeter and

dual mid-frequency drivers

• Dual 8-inch low-distortion aluminum

cone woofers

• Precision Vojtko™ crossover

• Rigid aluminum chassis

• Quick, no-hassle installation

• Paintable end caps

Available in Black, White and Silver.