Constructed on the rigid foundation of a pressure die-cast aluminium plinth, the Ovator S-400 and S-600 comprise visually stunning leaf-spring decoupled enclosures fitted with two custom designed rigid paper cone bass drivers.

Located above the bass drivers, within nested and decoupled enclosures, is a uniquely advanced Balanced Mode Radiator. The Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drive unit reproduces the full bandwidth from the low midrange crossover point to well above audibility with a flat frequency response, minimal distortion and consistently wide dispersion.

Encasing all of this, each stunning Ovator curved-panel enclosure is an outstanding example of contemporary aesthetic industrial design. The form is striking yet subtle and with four real wood and one solid colour finishes available, it integrates effortlessly into domestic settings of any style.

Music played from the Ovator is a revelation. The uncoloured, detailed and natural coherence of the Balanced Mode Radiator combines with the rhythmic clarity and accuracy of the twin bass driver system endlessly to reveal previously unheard musical details and insight. Stereo imagery and recorded ambience are portrayed with scale and depth that remains consistent across the listening room, and with either Ovator model, an entire music collection becomes new again.

The speaker is the point at which recorded music leaves the world of electronics and becomes real. With the Ovator, the reality is a musical experience that sounds live and real.

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