Brand: Spendor
RRP: $1999
The “mini monitor” has an illustrious history. The mini monitor concept achieved its real apotheosis with the arrival of the BBC LS3/5a in the 1970’s. That design was an immediate success, and stayed in production with minimal changes for around 20 years- far far longer than any normal commercial speaker design.

Continuing healthy demand for the speaker has persuaded companies like Spendor to create variations on a similar theme, while incorporating two decades of loudspeaker engineering improvements.

To quote HI-FI Choice magazine,” Smooth, even unfailingly polite. That’s always been a characteristic of the very best Spendor loudspeakers and the S3/5R is definitely no exception.

This isn’t the speaker for those who like their music seriously loud or heavy. But when it comes to delivering most kinds of music at typical domestic listening levels, the S3/5R has a number of qualities that set it ahead of the pack. Few loudspeakers of any size or price can match its smoothness, its laid back neutrality, or the precision of its stereo imaging. Boxiness is pretty well controlled and colouration is limited to mild hollowness”

Come in and let us demonstrate how good this little beauty is!