For those new to Acoustic Images (formerly Audio Video Excellence) here is a very brief history.

My name is Anthony De Nardis and I founded Acoustic Images in 1993 after about 5 years of working in the Hi Fi industry and having a life long interest in quality hi fi.

My first shop was in Glenferrie road Malvern. Then in 1999, in an effort to expand to meet our growing market and to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing trends in our industry, I merged with another company and we changed our name to Audio Video Excellence. We moved location to our current address in Mt Waverley where we have continued to grow, expand and evolve.

At this point I would like to thank our loyal customers who have stayed with us and who keep coming back and who refer their friends and family to us.

The next stage in our evolution has been to return to our origins (well in name anyway). We have now returned to calling ourselves Acoustic Images.

We think this name better reflects what we do.

We still provide audio video excellence to our clients and will always continue to do so.

John Butterworth and Andrew Coles are still with us, as well as a reliable and trustworthy crew of part time staff and we are continuing to grow and expand the business and the range of products and services we offer to meet our clients’ expectations.

What we do

We sell high fidelity music and video. (Acoustic Images)

Whether it is home cinema, two channel stereo (which we are expanding our range in) or multi room audio, whether it be analogue or digital, we sell it!
We sell true high quality cables and accessories.

With 20 plus years trading behind us, we offer a low key, informed and relaxed environment for you to make your hi fi choices.We intend to give the end user the best possible value for money.

We realize that most people want constructive guidance and are happy to point out a more cost effective solution or identify where a small extra cost may more than justify the end result. We aim to make the auditioning experience as easy and rewarding as possible.

With our homely environment, you can experience what the end result will look and perform like in your own home.Music and home cinema should be an enjoyable experience designed to make you feel happy and uplifted.We listen to your needs and requirements and design and recommend systems that will fulfill your criteria. Our systems will put the FUN back into your life!

What we don’t do

We won’t treat you like an idiot!
It is not necessary to be a hi-fi buff in order to tell a good music system from a bad one. In fact the lack of knowledge could well be an advantage in keeping prejudices at bay.

So many people are sure that they don’t have “golden ears” only to become quite fired up when they discover how easy it is to hear the difference when we provide a simple demonstration. We don’t do the hard sell!

We know how detrimental pressure can be. We are in this for the long haul, not the quick one-off sale.We don’’t give a mind-boggling range of choice!
At a given price level, we are unlikely to have more than a handful of combinations of products.

Experience has proven that when a customer is confronted with a huge range of choice in any given category, the question they always ask is, “Well, which one is the best?” Given that, why have the rest there?

Chances are, if we don’t rate a piece of equipment in the context of the other pieces of equipment we sell, then you won’t either.
We know that if we are to impress you, then we must first be impressed ourselves. It is very easy to be taken in with the next ‘big thing’. Take blu-ray, HDMI and 1080p for example. (Not at all what they’re hyped up to be) We only stock products we really get along with. We don’t want to waste any ones time on rubbish.

We don’t offer discounted prices over the phone either, so please don’t ask.

We’re not mean, tight or want to rip you off, it is just that we know what it’s like to demonstrate products, only for the customer to ring around for a better price. Find a system that suits and we will happily strike some form of a deal (within the constraints that some of our suppliers apply).