Custom music installations and home cinema come as second nature to us. With our strong background in creating hi fi systems to suit the discerning buyer, this knowledge has been carried over to create the best sounding custom music and cinema systems available today.

We are also one of the oldest Victorian companies to specialise in custom design and installation, as we were part of the industry in its infancy. We have the experience to not only design the system to meet your needs and requirements, but also to have it operate with ease and reliability.

We also design, supply AND install the system from the beginning to the end of the project. We do not use any dodgy sub-contractors as lots of others do.

This way you know who is fully responsible for the end result. The person you speak to in the showroom will most likely be the person who overseas the whole project and will take all the worry and stress out of the project for you.

We have many brands to choose from for the various applications we need. We won’t go into listing them as there are many, and this list is constantly being added to as we find products that are up to date in fulfilling the needs and requirements of the custom installation market. All of the brands we use must fulfill our requirements of being first class in performance, they must be reliable and they must impress us!

We Have the solutions for you.

Let your music follow you wherever you go. Create a different atmosphere in every room of your home. Classical in the bedroom, blues in the shower, ambient chill in the office.