Home Cinema

Acoustic Images is your Home Cinema expert.

Let Acoustic Images design and install your home cinema for that Real cinema experience. Home cinemas designed by us offer the viewer better than commercial cinema sound and picture in most cases.

Did you know that over 90 per cent of most movies have a soundtrack that has mainly music playing throughout the movie? This soundtrack is what makes most movies. Can you imagine the bathroom scene in Alfred Hitchcocks “Psycho” without THAT music? Would Jaws be as menacing without THAT music? Would the “Sound of Music” be “The sound of music” without The music?

At Acoustic Images we recognize this fact and know how important the music is to movies.

How many of us also enjoy playing DVD music videos in our surround sound systems?

When designing your home cinema system, we at Acoustic Images, keep all this knowledge in mind. This ensures we design a home cinema system that lets you enjoy 100 per cent of the movie experience, not just the bang, crash and boom of the action scenes. Mind you, we also build in to every system the ability to deliver the bang, crash and boom when required. But it is the subtle nuances of a soundtrack that define the difference between a quality home cinema and a mundane, run of the mill system.

We also pay attention to the aesthetics of a system. We acknowledge that most homes do not cater for a dedicated home cinema room. We choose from our range of products, a visual solution for any room. We integrate a home cinema into modern, contemporary and period homes.

We can design a system that completely disappears when not in use, to a full on home cinema room with automated curtains, lighting and home cinema seating.

We can design a system around a plasma or LCD screen to a full on projector with a screen as big as you like (within reason)!

The options are only limited by your imagination!

Come in to Acoustic Images and talk to us and experience our home cinema options.

And remember, all products installed by us have to impress us before they are recommend to you.