Feb 03, 2012

The Future of High End Hi Fi is here! SuperUniti is “Beyond Good” in 5 Star Review SuperUniti has received another 5 star review, this time in the January issue of British gadget magazine Stuff, published in December. The SuperUniti gives an impressive performance, with the reviewer stating that it is “Beyond good. Music is [...]

JBL Synthesis Home cinema system. Hear Now. You won’t forget it.
Feb 03, 2012
New Pricing on Schaub Lorenz LED TV
Feb 01, 2012

  Fantastic new pricing on all Schaub Lorenz LED televisions. Now making them the best value for money TV on the market- and still with a free 3 year warranty! Go to our Vision/Display section under Products for more detailed pricing.

Vita Audio by Ruark
Nov 07, 2011

R4i integrated music system A stunning ‘single box’ solution for all your musical needs. The Vita Audio R1 and R4 are stunning- both sonically and visually!  An audition is a must before you purchase any digital radio.

Vita Audio by Ruark
Nov 07, 2011

R4i integrated music system A stunning ‘single box’ solution for all your musical needs. The Vita Audio R1 and R4 are in stock and offer superb audio reception. Please come in and audition. You will not be disappointed!

Martin Logan Electromotion ESL is Hear!
Oct 27, 2011

The new Martin Logan ESL electrostatic loudspeaker is Martin Logans most affordable electrostatic panel to date. It has been very widely reviewed and is now at Acoustic Images Mt.Waverley for audition. After receiving a great response from the Australian Hi Fi Show, we are inviting prospective owners in for a listen to what we think [...]

Nordost Evening
Oct 19, 2011

Nordost Evening. He managed to do it again. Bjorn Bengtsson from Nordost was able to WOW everyone who managed to travel to Acoustic Images and participate in our Nordost Evening. Nordost have launched their new range of speaker cables and interconnects-the Leif series. Bjorn took us through from the entry level White Lightning and progressed [...]

Our High End cinema room-Now auditioning!
Jul 21, 2011

The much anticipated and much awaited cinema room is now complete. We can demonstrate 3 high end cinema system concepts to make your purchase an easier one. Acoustic Images is able to demonstrate how correct room construction and correctly applied room acoustic treatment can transform a good home cinema system into an Awesome home cinema [...]

Systems that Blow us Away!
Jul 21, 2011

The system that most recently comes into the category of blowing us away with its over all musicality and synergistic sound is the Naim/Neat combination. Comprising of the Naim CD 5i-2 the Naim Nait 5-2 and the Neat Motive 1 loudspeakers, this sytem is unbelivably good. it is fast accurate and punchy. The amount of base that [...]

Naim Ovator S-400 Hear Now!
Jun 29, 2011

The Naim Ovator S-400 loudspeaker has now arrived at Acoustic Images. This speaker has blown us away with its accuracy and detail. Partnered with the Naim XS integrated amp, the combination has no rivals at the price point. You must come in for an audition. Is’nt it time you heard some real Hi Fi?

New high end cinema demo room
May 19, 2011

We are really excited about the near completion of our High end cinema demonstration room at our Brighton store. This room will show concepts that are new and different to what has been seen or heard before. We will feature a high end JBL cinema system as well as some of the best that Anthem has to offer and also demonstrate for you the latest and most user friendly control systems for either single or multi room music and video distribution.

Cabasse speaker demos available
May 19, 2011

Cabasse has been in business since 1740 when they started making violins, violas and cellos. In 1950 Georges Cabasse made his first loudspeaker.

Today, Cabasse make the most innovative and perhaps most stylish loudspeakers available.

New Schaub Lorenz LED TVs
May 19, 2011

The new range of Schaub Lorenz LED televisions has just arrived at Acoustic Images. These are the new LED series that are very slim, very energy efficient and most importantly have a superior picture to its major competitors.