Crescendo Integrated Amp
Brand: Audio Analogue
RRP: $999

The Crescendo Integrated Amplifier is an appliance which can deliver 50W on a 8Ohm load with a THD+N of less then 0.05% and 80W on a 4Ohm load with a THD+N of less then 0.05%. So the ratio of the 8Ohm and 4Ohm power is extremely good, if not absolutely astonishing for an item in this price range! What’s more, the additional characteristics of the unit not only make it a real benchmark in its class but a whole lot more because it is, in reality, a “true high end” integrated amplifier! The SNR is more than 100dB and the band-width more than 150KHz. We haven’t just tried to reach good electrical stats, but, in line with the Audio Analogue philosophy, we have also worked attentively on the sound, which has been perfectly tuned to the Crescendo CD Player.

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