Maestro Settanta Integrated Amp
Brand: Audio Analogue
RRP: $4699

The Maestro series represents the highest expression of Audio Analogue technology applied to music reproduction. Audio Analogue has optimised the performance of its Maestro Series -aiming for harmonious component integration incorporating very tight tolerance resistors, quality interfacing and MIL grade components with oversized capacity.

The concept behind the design helps deliver a detailed sound that provides for high emotional involvement. The recreated virtual space, the texture control at low frequencies, the smooth presence in the mid range and the airy purity of the high frequencies all contribute to the Maestro Series delivering high fidelity reproduction.

The insightful usability of Maestro components has been one of the primary targets of Audio Analogue’s designers: a metal like aluminium that adapts itself by discreetly reflecting colour from the surrounds, the immediate ease of the controls, the legibility and soberness of the silkscreens, the use of rustproof steel buttons and the cabinet’s rounded edges all come from an exhaustive study of the equipment’s functionality and safety.

Maestro: hymn to joy of listening!


• 2 x 70 watt into 8 Ohms
• 2 x 125 watt into 4 Ohms
• High-quality passive components
• Low-tolerance metallic-layered resistors (MIL standard)
• Low-tolerance, non-polarised polyester/propylene capacitors
• High-speed, low-loss, high-capacity electrolytic capacitors
• Organic-electrolyte, low-capacity electrolytic capacitors
• Integrated-resistance network volume controls with no buffer for maximum sound transparency
• Advanced micro-controlled protection for amplifier and speaker preservation with low impact on sound quality
• Multiple source system control: front panel, IR remote control, RS-232 interface
• Micro-controller system control
• High-contrast PLED dot-matrix display
• High-resolution selector encoder.

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