Crescendo Tuner & USB DAC
Brand: Audio Analogue
RRP: $995
The Crescendo Tuner/USBDAC is an extremely interesting and innovative product. It is not just a Tuner but also includes an entire high performance USBDAC section. The Crescendo Tuner/USBDAC can be seen as two different audio sources combined in a single piece of equipment, each source corresponding to a different working mode: Tuner Mode and USBDAC Mode.

The specific circuits for each mode are completely separated physically and just one section at a time is supplied, according to the selected mode (This avoids any kind of interference between the two signal paths). Instead, the analogue output stage is the same for both of the modes. Everything has been realized according to the well known Audio Analogue experience. The power supply is based on a toroidal transformer and each section has its own voltage regulator stage.