CX-7eMP CD player
Brand: Ayre Acoustics
RRP: $4595
No other CD player delivers music like the Ayre CX-7eMP. Its sophisticated multi-stage digital filter allows the subtle sonic details in your favorite discs to shine through. An exclusive fully-balanced, zero-feedback analog circuit combines breathtaking transparency with beguiling musicality. The fundamental tones that provide music's foundation are meticulously rendered by the CX-7's twin massive power transformers -- one handles just the digital circuitry; the other the analog. The Ayre CX-7eMP is the source for your music.

Highly advanced multistage

digital filter system Involving twin massive power

transformers, 24 bit SigmaDelta D/A: Dimensions

(43.8cm x 33.7cm x 12cm) Weight 11.5 kg Available