Destiny Integrated Amplifier with Phono
Brand: Creek
RRP: $3675
Sale price: $2475

The Destiny integrated amplifier produces world beating audio performance through its use of a unique MOS-FET power amplifier circuit and passive or active pre-amplification. This circuitry continues to outperform alternatives and together with Creek's policy of continuous development, is now better than ever.

The Destiny amplifier is Creek's high-end model which uses all the analogue sound optimisation techniques and components collected over many years in the industry by Mike Creek. Here is what makes the Destiny special:

Power Is Nothing Without Control

Power Supply

300VA low noise toroidal transformer with separate windings for high and low current analogue circuit requirements. Separate ultra-fast Schottky diode full wave bridge rectifiers for each channel. 10 x 2200uF low impedance high temperature reservoir capacitors for each channel to provide 44,000uF in total for maximum isolation and good dynamics. Separate toroidal mains transformer for both standby operation and digital circuit requirements. This keeps standby power consumption below 1W.


Volume is adjusted locally and by remote control by a motorized 27mm ALPS Blue Velvet potentiometer.
The Destiny has 5 unbalanced inputs, plus a single tape loop, via gold plated high quality RCA connectors, selected by gold contact relays and indicated by tricoloured LED's.

To separate the pre-amp and power amplifier in the Destiny, a semi-hidden push switch on the rear panel switches signal paths to and from the pre and power amplifier and is carried by double shielded custom audio-grade wiring. The Destiny can be used either with a passive pre-amp or a gain selectable active pre-amp. Selection is in three steps - 3dB, 6dB & 9dB. The gain is adjustable from underneath the pre-amp section with a 3-way slider switch. To select active or passive operation a push button on the front panel and a remote control button switches between the two and is indicated with an LED on the front panel.

The Destiny amp can only accept the high-end plug-in Destiny Phono amplifier. Being fully isolated from the input ground, it is possible to input either MM or MC cartridges in balanced mode. The early range of Phono boards which suit Creek's EVOLUTION 2 & EVOLUTION integrated amp and earlier Creek amplifier models will not fit the Destiny amplifier.

Most types of dynamic headphones can be connected to the standard size 1/4" jack socket on the front panel, for high performance reproduction. Loudspeaker connections are available for 2 pairs of speakers. 8 extremely strong, touch-proof binding posts are bolted to the rear panel and are selected either from the front panel switches or remote control. Loudspeaker connection is controlled locally and by remote control by 2x 8 Amp gold contact relays.