C515 BEE CD player
Brand: NAD
RRP: $399

"The best you will find for the price"

What HiFi UK, February 2008

The C515BEE is fully featured with a complete roster of disc navigation and control functions. The expected Skip, search, pause and play functions are present as well as some more advanced features that appeal to the serious music lover. The ability to easily program the C 515BEE to playback only the desired tracks on a CD allows the user to customize playback. Repeat and Repeat A-B are favorite features of musicians allowing careful study of any given musical passage. The display can be toggled through different modes to show total playback time, time remaining and time per track as well as any programmed function. The C 515BEE also supports the playback of MP3 and WMA files, using the latest and best sounding decompression algorithms. This allows the playback of CD-R’s burned on a PC with up to 10 hours of playback encoded on one disc. Of course the superb NAD D/A conversion and analog amplification stages assure the maximum possible sound quality for compressed music files.