Brand: Naim Audio
RRP: $3549


Listening to the Naim DAC is a revelation. Music, whether its source be an iPod, a CD or a high resolution data file, is presented afresh, with more definition, more insight, more warmth, and simply more of those hard to-define clues of rhythm, melody and emotion that distinguish the real thing from pale imitation. The Naim DAC is an advance that brings real music in the home closer to reality than ever before.

If exceptional music making is the first hallmark of the Naim DAC, the second is versatility. Versatility comes thanks to S/PDIF inputs that can accommodate either optical or coaxial connections and USB inputs that can accommodate memory sticks and iPod and iPhone models. It arises also from the numerous Naim system upgrades that the DAC makes possible. Simultaneously with its introduction, the CDX2 and CD5 XS CD players have gained S/PDIF outputs and can now benefit significantly from use with the DAC. With the addition of a DAC, existing preamplifiers can be incorporated into digital audio systems. The Naim DAC can be controlled by a Naim preamplifier remote control, seamlessly integrating analogue and digital inputs across the two units. The DAC becomes an extension of the preamplifier. And when a USB stick, iPod or iPhone is docked, the DAC front panel input buttons transform to operate as playback controls.

Everything comes together

iPod: connect an iPod (generation 5 models and above) to play its stored music

iPod Touch/iPhone: connect an iPod Touch or iPhone to play its stored music or music streamed from your network through UPnP over Wi-Fi.

Games console: connect a games console digital audio output to play audio from a game.

DVD player: connect a DVD player digital output for stereo playback of DVD-A discs.

PC: connect a PC external sound card digital output to play stored or network music.

Mac: connect a Mac digital output to play its stored music or music streamed from your network via UPnP over Wi-Fi.

Hard Disk player: connect a hard disk player or music server to play stored or network music.

CD player: connect a CD player digital output to play CDs.

TV: connect a TV digital output to play TV audio.

Satellite TV receiver: connect a set-top-box satellite TV receiver digital output to play satellite TV audio.

Streaming device: connect a music streaming device to play multi-room streamed music.

USB stick: connect a USB memory stick to play stored standard or high resolution music.