Easy set up. Up to 20,000 CDs. Hi-Fi sound.
Introducing Olive’s award-winning multi-room music solutions. The new Olive range stores up to 20,000 of your CDs, and plays them in breathtaking quality.

Quick and intuitive 
It holds up to 20,000 CDs in original quality, preserving the artists’ work with all its subtleties and nuances. Simply insert your CD. One click, and your music is digitally stored and categorized with all relevant album information. Use the intuitive touch-screen navigation to conveniently browse all of your music, combine your favorite tracks to playlists, and quickly find the right music for the right occasion. Need your music to go? Simply burn your playlists back to CD.

5 Great reasons to own an Olive.
1. Store your complete CD collection in one device.
2. Enjoy your music anywhere in the house - in up to 10 rooms simultaneously.
3. Setup is simple. No professional installers needed. (You can do it, really!)
4. Sit and enjoy your favorite CD tunes in high quality sound. (Or get up and dance.)
5. Finding the music you want is easy with the new intuitive touch screen interface.

More than one room?
Add Olive’s wireless MELODY Nº2 and play your music anywhere at home, in up to 10 rooms simultaneously. Thousands of free internet radio stations included. Listen to commercial free internet radio stations delivered to your stereo system, while getting detailed information about the artist, album and track that is currently playing.

Basic specifications
Capacity: Store up to 20,000 CDs.
Sound: High-resolution Digital-to-Analog converter and low noise power supply ensure breathtaking sound.
Design: Unique, elegant design made with solid and sturdy aluminum.
Screen: 4.3 inch wide touch screen. In brilliant colour.
Interface: Super intuitive interface allows you to find the music you want by genres, album or artist.

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