A Brief History
Wadia Digital, founded in 1988, is one of the original companies dedicated to high performance digital audio reproduction. Wadia was formed by a team of engineers from the Minneapolis based 3M Corporation (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) who shared many years of experience in advanced digital telecommunications research and development. In the early 1980's, these engineers became intrigued by the emerging compact disc technology. Disappointed with the sound quality of early CD players, they examined the workings and designs of these early components and found them to be unsophisticated when compared with the technology available in other areas of digital design. In response, they founded Wadia Digital - a company based on the philosophy of applying advanced technology to improve the performance of digital audio components. Wadia's first product, the Wadia 2000 Decoding Computer, was an absolute breakthrough in digital audio. For many discerning listeners, it proved that Digital Audio was a musically responsive, evolving, and engaging format.

Products by Wadia: