Dynamo 1000
Brand: Martin Logan
RRP: $1395

Martin Logan - Dynamo 1000

The Most Powerful Dynamo Subwoofer... Ideal for Large Rooms!

True high-end performance. Home-friendly aesthetics. And power, lots of power! In a nutshell, that's the incredible Dynamo 1000 subwoofer. Dramatic bass detail and bass attack, superb extension and room-shaking output ensure a music and home theater experience like no other subwoofer in its class can deliver. Features include a 500-watt RMS, 1,000-watt peak amplifier and 12-inch cone driver. Its standard down-firing configuration quickly (and easily!) converts into a front-firing configuration, ideal for discrete installations. Finishing touch... a wireless receiver for a 'cable-less' environment.

Built-In Wireless Receiver offers Extreme Placement Flexibility!

Frequency Response 22–200 Hz ±3dB; Anechoic through LFE effects input
Wireless Receiver Built-in receiver (SWT-1 transmistter sold seperately)
Low Pass Filter Frequency 35–120 Hz
Low Frequency Transducer 12" (30.5cm) high excursion, poly cone with extended throw drive assembly; sealed non-resonant cabinet design
Amplifier 500 watts rms (1000 watts peak)
Impedance Line level RCA: 20,000 ohms
Controls Low Pass Filter Switch: Bypass (LFE In), Variable (Left and Right In)
Inputs Left and Right/LFE RCA line level
Power Draw Standby: 1W
Idle: 15W
Max: 650W
Compatible Products SWT-1 Subwoofer Wireless Transmitter, sold separatly
Resolution 16-bit
Sampling Rate 48kHz
Wireless Band 2.4GHz uncompressed digital self-sensing design constantly adjusts for best connection.
Error Checking Bidirectional feedback constantly monitors integrity of data stream.
Antenna Internal
Subs Per Transmitter One
Maximum Wireless Range 30–40 feet (10–12.5 meters)
Weight 34 lbs. (15.4 kg)
Dimensions (down-firing orientation) 14.54" × 13.69" × 14.59"
(36.9cm × 34.8cm × 37.1cm)
Dimensions (front-firing orientation) 15.46" × 13.69" × 14.35"
(39.3cm × 34.8cm × 36.4cm)
  Specifications are subject to change without notice.