SP 8600
Brand: InFocus
RRP: $2499
Sale price: $1999

ScreenPlay SP8600

Powerful HD that's easy to bring home

The SP8600 is our most affordable home theatre projector – providing an HD picture with great depth and clarity.

  • Available in Asia-Pacific regions only
  • Compact size that can be installed or placed on a table top

    Why choose the ScreenPlay SP8600?

    • Full 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution
    • 1800 lumens and 5000:1 contrast ratio for great images even in ambient light
    • Long lamp life that saves you money
    • UNISHAPE™ lamp adapts the intensity of its light to the image with millisecond accuracy
    • Pixelworks DNX™ 10-bit video processing provides ultra-smooth playback
    • Very quiet so to not distract from your viewing experience
    • Many ways to connect, including HDMI, com

      Affordable and bright

      The SP8600 is not only our most affordable home theatre projector but also our brightest – providing a high definition picture with great depth and clarity.

      • High brightness of an incredible 1800 lumens so it’s great for movies, sports, and video games at any time of the day
      • 5,000:1 contrast ratio produces a picture with great dynamic range and plenty of snap and sparkle
      • Saturated, vibrant colours you can adjust to your room and your tastes thanks to the SP8600 6-segment colour wheel
      • 1080p resolution makes your favourite movies, sports and video games better than ever and larger than life
      ponent, and VGA
    • RS232 port to integrate into your home theatre room system

      Install it or bring it out for big events

      Bring the movie theatre experience home at a price you can afford with the SP8600. It’s small and light enough that you can install it on the ceiling or bring it out for special events.

      • Connectivity you expect including 2 HDMI ports and component video
      • VGA port so you can watch video directly from your PC
      • Long life lamp has a rated life of 4000 hours. That's about 2,000 movies!
      • RS232 port lets you easily integrate the SP8600 into your home theatre room control system